About Us

Okay, this should read "About Me", but this site and it's mission are a natural progression of the work that I do at Mom's the Word and the team there is so much a part of my life that it just feels wrong to take all of the credit!   So thank you to Dede, Austin, Julia, Carla, Allante and Sally-I couldn't be doing this without you.  Family matters in all things parenting, and these folks are family.

About Me

I have worked with pregnant women and new moms since I was pregnant with my second. And he's 22.  Although that work was all done in the field of fashion, it turns out that when you build a welcoming space and you make pregnant women and new moms feel good in their body-by-baby, they tell you pretty much everything. 

And after they have their baby they keep coming back because you made them feel good and they need that more than ever! And then they tell you more,  and they even let you hold and soothe their crying baby.  It's a win/win-they get a few minutes with two arms and I get my baby fix of the day! And most of what you talk about with new moms in a safe non-judgmental space?  Sleep! 


 (This a  picture that a customer took to prove to her husband that baby could actually sleep!)

The number of times that a new mom will look at me and say "OMG, I just had no idea."  cannot be counted. And these women are no dopes, it's not like they weren't prepared. Oftentimes a friend will be standing next to them and will look at me, look at their friend sympathetically and say something along the lines of  "We tried.".  The truth is that until you open the door to the highly exclusive Parent Club, there's really no way to properly describe what it looks like inside. 

I decided to become a sleep coach/teacher because I wanted to be able to help those moms more than just swinging and shushing their baby to sleep while they shopped. Parenting is hard enough.  Doing it while sleep deprived is even harder!   A mom, maybe more than one, has said to me "Sleep deprivation is a form of torture!" 

According to Wikipedia "A chronic sleep-restricted state adversely affects the brain and cognitive function."  Yes.  That.  That is why I am impassioned about empowering not just moms, but all parents and guardians,to help their baby and themselves get some sleep!

Babies need food, so to expect them to sleep through the night before 6 months could be a set up for feelings of failure.  There are many things that can be done before 6 months to help everyone sleep, and if your baby is not sleeping through the night by 6 months it's not because you've done anything wrong or there is anything wrong with your baby.  It's just time to teach them. Or not.  If you are happy with their waking then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Seriously.  You are the parent/s! You will be their parent/s forever. 

If you want to chat email me for a 15 minute free consultation. sarah@momneedssleep.com  I cannot wait to meet you and discuss how you're doing and how I can be of service.  You've got this mama.