Newborn Bundle

Newborn Bundle

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This package is designed for infants from birth to 16 weeks. These are weeks that you will never forget. The wonder and joy of being with your baby is immeasurable.  Adapting to the new normal takes time-for baby and parents!  Everything changes, literally overnight (or over two nights depending upon how long your labor and delivery are;) 

Newborns have immature sleep biorhythms which are still developing. These weeks are the perfect time to look at all aspects of newborn sleep such as sleep environment, props, age appropriate awake time, feeds and growth, and using an appropriate settling technique to start getting improvement in terms of sleep and to help develop lifelong healthy sleep habits.

Learning to understand your newborn, and yourself, during these magical weeks can be an enormous aide in future parenting.  Having an awareness of the next stage of your baby's development rather than abruptly realizing that you have missed an opportunity can have infinite value.  

This bundle includes:

  • Review of client intake assessment form
  • One 30 minute  Zoom visit to review assessment and discuss challenges
  • Personalized plan for parents
  • Manageable reading material in the form of relevant one page documents
  • Three Weekly 10 minute phone calls or Zoom visits after the initial  60 minute visit
  • Free e-mail communication for 4 weeks following the initial 30 minute zoom visit