Pregnant and Prepping Bundle

Pregnant and Prepping Bundle

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The dream is real. You're having a baby!  You're living through the expected and unexpected stages and experiences of pregnancy, you're adapting -to the best of your ability- to your new body-by-baby,  you're preparing for labor and delivery, you're creating a beautiful nursery for baby to sleep in.....and, yeah, sleep. 

This package is designed to help you prepare for cohabiting with another brand new tiny human who is transitioning from a very different environment.  Gaining knowledge about infant sleep before baby arrives can make a huge difference to your transition to parenting.

This bundle includes a 1 hour One Time One Hour Zoom Session in which we will review

  • newborn sleep expectations and reality
  • baby's sleep environment
  • creating healthy sleep habits
  • techniques for soothing a newborn
  • parental communication
  • outside  support arrangements
  • safe sleep guidelines